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Video-Verified Collaborative Alarm Systems

Supervisory video access and TripleShield privacy control, Event video, direct notification and prioritized response, Plug-N-Play, cognitive and scalable system & Utmost peace of mind

Video-Verified Security

Video-Verified Alert
Collaborative Protection
Event Record, Share, Report
Direct Local 1st Responder Call
Get Priority Emergency Response

Video-verfied • Collaboration • Priority Response

Peace of Mind – Easy & Affordable
  • protect you anywhere
    Video verification
    Now have an eye on everything that happens at your home, sweet home. With our solution, you can directly access and verify all the events with good quality videos and take necessary actions
  • protect you anywhere
    Prioritized response
    Our team and technology are cognizant of the importance of security at your home. You would be notified promptly on every incident that needs your attention within no time. Responding to you hence is our priority.
  • we offer 24/7 support
    Emergency Notification
    We believe in smooth and direct communication. Our direct communication enables on time notification and can save your home, belongings and family from danger.

Video verification

Direct emergency Notification

Prioritized response
Collaborative Total Protection

Peace of Mind

Easy & Affordable

Make your home the best and safest place on earth for you!

Contact us and let us indeed make it happen for you.

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Starter Systems

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    Security Alarm System
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    Video-Verified Security Alarm System
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    Video-Verified Indoor & Outdoor Security Alarm System

Why Choose Home8alarm?

Advanced Features

Event Recording
Direct Notification
Prioritized Response

Video alerts sent to multiple users for direct police reporting within the app.

Installs in Minutes

Patented plug-n-play zero-pairing lets you set up system in minutes and add more devices in seconds.Patented plug-n-play zero-pairing lets you set up system in minutes and add more devices in seconds

No Contracts
On Demand Service

Free sensor-based alarm service and on-demand video service with unlimited event video recording, archiving, reporting, and sharing.

Easily Scalable and
Expandable Systems

The Home8 video-verified system is device, users, locations and functional scalable, as well as expandable to cover security, safety, monitoring/alarm, automation, and energy control.

One App System

Our App gives you complete access to security, safety, monitoring/alarm, automation, and energy control on the go.

Ultra-Secure Video Privacy

Ultra-secure video privacy from patented double router-firewalls architecture and an anti-sniffing software.

Collaborative Protection

System owners can authorize other people they trust to monitor their home together.

Multiple Property Protection
under One Account

Home8 supports multiple location protection service under one mobile account

Protected Customers